Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Trail & Ultra Running Videos

Need some more trail & ultra videos to binge on?

Ever since I discovered what trail running I was I looked up some videos to explore and see what people actually do out there. I first recall coming across The Ginger Runner and his videos, then I found Billy Yang and his great movies. I instantly fell more in love with the sport that I had just discovered. because of these. The visuals and videos have continued to add to my stoke and hype of the trails. In the past 3 years, when I have a spare time I often find myself searching YouTube and browsing NETFLIX for trail running & ultra videos that I may have not seen yet. So in that spirit I started a list a little bit back of the  movies. Below in my curated list of running videos to check out.

Listed alphabetically by title. I have 3 main sections broken out separately (WSER, Barkely's, & UTMB) & then everything else down below. All listed alphabetically. Please post in comments any titles that I may have missed.

all things Western States 100:
all things Barkley Marathons:
all things UTMB:
Everything Else:

Happy binge watching!
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  1. Just released today...awesome video about Karl Sabbe.



    1. Oh wow, you already updated it. My bad.

    2. Thanks Eric. Yeah I saw it on one my social feeds today and it sparked me to add it to the list. I really enjoyed that one, was very well made. Thanks for following!